Controls Upgrade

Upgrade your facilities controls to today's standards.

We provide solutions to bring your outdated, proprietary or problematic controls up to today’s standards utilizing “off-the-shelf” and nationally available industrial grade equipment, software and components.

Isn’t it time to replace those old, costly and deficient controls with a system that provides the most innovated products utilizing the latest technology that will provide officer convenience, safety, staff reduction and low cost of operation and maintenance? Allow the SWC Team to design a user-friendly integrated control system specifically to meet the needs of your facility.

We offer these and other systems:

  • Touch Screen Control Stations
  • Today’s Graphic Control Stations
  • Door Control
  • Closed Circuit Television Surveillance and Recording
  • Intercommunications
  • Fire Alarm
  • Guard Tour
  • Access Control
  • Duress and Officer / Inmate Tracking
  • Video Visitation
  • Perimeter Detection

Remember – Less Staff, Staff Safety, Low Cost Maintenance and Completely Expandable as You Add to Your Facility!

Contact us for an on-site demonstration.