Huntsville-Madison County Jail

Huntsville-Madison County Jail

SWC played a major role in the completion of the Huntsville-Madison County Jail. After many long hours by SWC personnel, we accelerated our work on the original contract to make up for delays in the construction schedule.

Then, after completing our original contract, the city issued a contract to add additional equipment. The most recent addition was the Video Visitation System. On August 24th we were awarded a contract to install a complete 77 Station Video Visitation System in only 60 days. A team of SWC personnel accepted the challenge and on September 30th the City's Consultant signed off and gave substantial completion of the system. On October 1st the City turned the facility over to the County.

The Huntsville-Madison Jail has approximately 800 beds. SWC upgraded the old facility and installed all controls on the new facility.

SWC integrated 2 Touch Screen Control Stations, 11 Graphic Panel Control Stations, Door Control, Intercom Control, CCTV, Card Access, and installed a 77 Station Video Visitation System.