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Help improve student achievement with Audio Enhancements infrared wireless microphone system which evenly distributes the teachers natural voice throughout the classroom. Audio Enhancement has far reaching effects including: 

  • higher test scores
  • increased retention of information
  • fewer behavioral issues
  • decreased teacher...

Telecenter U from Rauland is the complete solution for emergencies, events and every day communications within a school system. Telecenter U is able to unite several communication technologies to create a single source of communication for district-wide emergencies, public address systems, time management and classroom emergencies. Learn more about the easy installation and various benefits associated with Telecenter U. 

Sielox Class Crisis Alert Software on iPad; Crisis Lockdown System

Improve student safety with a Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System from Sielox. Electronically send color-coded alerts to administrators and first responders, eliminating the need to pass colored sheets under a closed door during a crisis situation. This customizable solution is sure to meet all of your lockdown needs and the strictest regulations. Learn About Sielox Class


Education Solutions

South Western Communications recognizes the unique challenges faced by educational institutions, which is why we work to stay on the leading edge of new technology. We offer solutions to provide educators with a safe and productive environment so teachers, faculty, and students can focus on what matters most -- student education.

At SWC and Richardson Technology Systems, we help school systems design and install life safety, integrated security, and communication solutions throughout a single facility or multi-site locations. Our solutions are reliable, cost-effective, and certain to meet your specific needs.