Satisfied Clients

"Recently one of your technicians was installing wires and intercoms in our 5th grade building.  Being the nerdy teacher that I am, I asked him if he was creating circuits in the ceiling.  He said that he was and I asked if he would be willing to show my students how he was creating them.  He agreed without hesitation (even knowing they are 11 year old 5th graders!!) and my students were completely engaged. He showed my students how he brought down the wires, while also keeping them at a safe distance.  Then, he began to ask questions about what they already knew about circuits.  I didn’t know my students knew so much!  He showed them the wires, showed how he hooked everything up, and patiently answered their 1000 questions.

I cannot tell you how engaged my students were while they were watching and asking questions.  It is something they will remember for a long time and I cannot ask for more as a teacher.  Thank you again."

5th Grade Teacher, Warren T. Jackson Elementary School


"Ever since Ken, SWC technician, began working with LaFayette High School, I have been very thoroughly impressed with the level of commitment he gives to us.  He has been here nights and weekends to ensure that we have “what we need.”  Most recently LHS got a newlighting board for our auditorium and your tech not only installed it, but also took the time to program it according to our specific needs.  We then encountered a slight problem - we did not know how to use it! “No problem at all,” according to Ken.  We practiced for our upcoming spring playonSaturday and he came to LHS (all day on a Saturday) and taught our students and teachers how to use the new light board, how to program it, and even taught them how to adjust the soundboard aswell.  I wanted to take the time to tell you guys that Ken is a fantastic representation of South Western Communications." 

Mike Culberson, Principal at LaFayette High School

Coweta County School System


​“I highly recommend the team at SWC Richardson Technology due to their work ethics and respect of teachers in the classroom. They’re a great group to work with.”

Phil Kline, IT Director for Coweta County Schools


McDuffie County Public Schools“The technicians from SWC Richardson Technology were a pleasure to work with as we walked through our schools collecting data about our current AV systems. They were very friendly, knowledgeable about our AV equipment, and a great delegate for SWC Richardson. I hope they will have the opportunity to work with us in the future, as this team is an excellent example of quality people within your business and a good example of what working with SWC Richardson systems can be.”
Bob Weems, Technology Director at McDuffie County Public Schools

The SWC-Richardson technicians are always helpful with ANY problems orneeded tech support at our schools.

Adam Westbrook, Cherokee County Schools 


Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Our Net Promoter Score reveals a 93% customer satisfaction rate.  NPS® is based on the fundamental perspective that every company’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. We're pleased with our high percentage of customers who would likely recommend SWC.