Glynn County Georgia Detention Center

South Western Communications installed several security systems for the Glynn County project, greatly enhancing the safety and functionality of the facility. The newly installed state of the art IP Video Visitation System allows for improved visitation schedules and superior control of the flow of visitors throughout various visitation times. Facility staff safety is greatly enhanced as a result of the IP Video Visitation System, which no longer requires staff to physically relocate inmates for their visits.

In addition, the project included installation of a fully scalable IP Closed Circuit Television system, utilizing megapixel cameras, Network Video Recorders and Virtual Matrix Display Controllers. The new CCTV system allows for full visibility of all happenings within the facility from inside the control room.

Within the control rooms, SWC also installed new touch screen controls, which allow for full facility takeover at Master Control. SWC utilized Omron PLC equipment, recognized as the leader in cutting edge technology for the corrections market with the added benefit of being a global company offering the highest level of product availability and support.  This user friendly interface allows staff to easily operate the Glynn County facility with the touch of a screen to open doors, connect intercom stations and handle alarms. The system also allows for fewer personnel to control larger areas of the facility without compromising staff safety or security.

SWC’s use of quality, off the shelf, commercially available equipment and software is a critical element of today’s systems such as those installed at Glynn County. The use of standard HMI software and PLC equipment gives Glynn County the ability to use additional integrators for modifications or expansions in the future.

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