Real-time Locating Systems

VersusThere are many opportunities for items to go missing or be stolen in a healthcare facility, which is why protecting equipment and assets is a top priority. It is vital to know where equipment is located and if it is ready to be used. SWC provides hospitals with the technology essential to tracking assets, equipment and personnel in real-time, resulting in time and money saved.

Versus gives healthcare institutions the power to locate patients, staff and equipment at all times, and in turn automates a multitude of clinical tasks. As a clinical location, automation and awareness tool, Versus Advantages supports what you do with patients. Versus Advantages combines accurate locating technology with sophisticated, rules-based software to enable caregivers and administrators to view, share and report on location information.

Versus RTLS Helps Stop Spread of MERS Virus


Enhanced Workflow with Responder 5 Integration

The integration of Responder 5 with real-time locating systems (RTLS) represents the ideal union of two clinical solutions and automates otherwise manual processes in hospital. The total integration of Responder 5 with RTLS badges provides enhanced communication capabilities for staff, faster response times for patients and a more hands- free approach to patient care.
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