Reporting Dashboards

Real-Time Performance Dashboards provide actionable information to impact the patient experience. Aperum® is an easy to use dashboard that gives users a real time view of the nurse call volume, as well as an easy way to trend data over periods of time. LeadIt allows clinical staff to streamline the rounding process to improve patient satisfaction and reduce variable workload generated by patient call lights. Using this software you're able to view room or unit level details into nurse call requests and response times, as well as trend data over a week, two weeks or an entire month. 

Rauland Responder Nurse Call systems can generate a multitude of  reports for an overview of system status and performance. Public or custom reports can be generated for the following: 

  • Device Activity
  • Exception Reports
  • Hourly Activity and Response
  • Hourly Patient
  • Patient Activity
  • Staff Coverage
  • Staff Response
  • Staff Status
  • Staff Time in Room
  • Unit/Room Activity