Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

Responder 5 connects patients to staff by linking wireless technologies - phones and pagers, real-time locating systems, electronic staff assignments, and enterprise- wide reporting - with traditional "nurse call" equipment. The result is communication that's fast and direct.


Quickest Connect Time

Calls get answered immediately - by the right person - quickly, no matter where the nurse is in the hospital. Responder gives nurses the freedom of mobility - the freedom to be productive - while staying within easy reach at all times. The quality of patient care improves, as does the satisfaction of your staff.


Systems Integration

Responder 5 integrates with any phone vendor (SIP or other), including all major wireless phones. That delivers two benefits to your hospital: 1) your current wireless phones will integrate with your nurse call system and 2) you can use the phone of your choice from the most popular vendors out there.


Better Caregiver-to-Patient Communication

The bottom line is always this: better patient care. With Responder 5, patients get the attention they need, and instant communication with their caregiver.