SWC Participates in Trigg County Active Shooter Training (KY)

Trigg County Active Shooter Training

While consulting with Trigg County Schools in Cadiz Kentucky, SWC was offered the opportunity to partner with School Officials, State and local First Responders in a yearly Active Shooter Training exercise, which took place July 10-11th, 2014.  The event brought together emergency response personnel from the Trigg County Sheriff Department, the Cadiz Police Department, Cadiz EMS, Kentucky State Police, and the Hammond Indiana Police Department. In addition to the professional team of first responders, many school and local individuals participated in the event acting as victims, students, and teachers.  The training operation was set to prepare first responders for school emergency situations, specifically an active shooter on campus. This type of training equips response teams with critical knowledge of how to react in a lock-down situation and ensures the most efficient response times possible. 

As part of the emergency training, SWC installed the new Rauland Telecenter Campus and Sielox CLASS systems at Trigg County Vocational School where training tookplace. These systems work together to instantly provide vital status updates to first responders, giving them access to real-time information during an emergency. Through utilization of the Sielox CLASS system, first responders are able to view the status of each individual classroom on a cell phone, iPad or other internet connected device prior to entering the building. This provides responders with crucial intelligence of where to focus efforts upon arrival and throughout their response, saving them critical time during an emergency situation.

Event Training Officer, Major Duncan Wiggins, described these systems as the future of public safety. “For the system to be able to give dispatch and our officers instantaneous information in a critical situation is priceless. We could save untold lives with what you’re capable of doing. The ability for our dispatch to know real-time that the school is in lock-down and that we have critical situations in specific classrooms which officers can be directed to, that saves us the two, three or four minutes that we need in order to possibly save lives.”

SWC was able to experience first hand the benefits of these new emergency communication systems, received valuable feedback for future system enhancements, and gained the support of first responders and school administrators within the Trigg County community. Thus far, it has been an exciting summer for the SWC education solutions team with our first Sielox CLASS and Telecenter Campus installations in Georgia and Kentucky. We continue to see momentum as we consult with more schools and districts throughout our six state territories.